Testimonial 1

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“My son Bayleigh has been attending the soccer star coaching sessions and camps for some time now. It was important that Bayleigh had some direction, committment and discipline in an area that also brought skill and enjoyment. The “THREE AMIGO’S”..(Justin, Dean and Lewis) have worked wonders with all the kids that attend, and parents can leave them in their safe hands in the knowledge that they will be taken well care of in all aspects. As well as being proffessionals they are very caring, nurturing, and humourous guys which are bonus qualities about them that the kids and parents love. They are improving the kids physical and social abilities along with their intellectual stimulation through their knowledge and experiences of the sport. Interaction, integration,
encouragement, support, praise and the raising of low self-esteem is evident within these sessions and camps. Well done guys! If you parents haven’t already joined the club, your kids could be missing out on something really great!”

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