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Looking to raise much needed funds for your club with no extra work load for your coaches and secretaries?

Look no further… The Soccer Star Challenge is an easy and effective way to raise money for your club… and it costs you nothing!! 

The Soccer Star Challenge is a sponsored FUN DAY for Junior Football Clubs, which involves players taking shots either at our inflatable speed goal,  soccer dart board or target ball.

The amounts raised by holding our fundraiser can vary from £700 to £3000+ depending on the size of your club and the support from your players.

 The event is designed and run by our DBS checked and F.A. qualified coaches, who work with children on a daily basis.


Choose from the following events…


Players kick the ball into our Hi-Tech inflatable speed goal, which records the speed of the ball in MPH. Players will have between 1- 6 attempts, depending on how much they raise, to get the highest score they possibly can. 

Scores will be recorded onto certificates for every player.


Players kick the ball at our giant inflatable soccer dart board.

Each player will have between 3 attempts to get as many points as they possibly can. 

Children’s scores will be recorded onto their certificates. 


Players will have between 1-5 attempts (depending on how much they raise) to get as many footballs into the holes as they possibly can. 

Players scores will be recorded onto their certificates.


Players will win these fantastic prizes through securing sponsors from family and friends. 

All sponsor donations are made online so there is no work for club coaches to do.


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